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* Download the 7z-file
* Extract any parts you want to your mod-folder (Crusader Kings II\mod)
* Enable it when launching the game
* Have fun

A full list of changes is available in the mod folder, or on the Paradox forums:

Changes since last version:
- Now compatible with CKII 1.101 (non-beta version)
- Fixed it being possible to skip the Intact Theme System stage
- The Norman Company is no longer called "the the Norman Company"
- Disabled the vanilla loan event
- Added some Norse-Gael dynasty names. Credit goes to cybrxkhan
- Ensured all faction members get imprisoned if the faction war is lost
- Ensured that all faction event forces get disbanded when the war concludes
- Ensured that Ultimogeniture is not available to unreformed Pagans with the exception of Mongols
- Prevented all rebels from taking prisoners via the siege events, rather than just the old style unnamed rebels
- (PB+SWMH) Fixed the Norman Company having no soldiers
- (PB+SWMH) Fixed the Fatimids having lower decadence than they should
- (PB+SWMH) Fixed some succession law restrictions not properly applying

- Now works with SWMH 2.751
- (PB+SWMH) Fixed duplicate characters issues
- (PB+SWMH) Rebalanced the scripted armies in 1066
- (PB+SWMH) Now uses PB's list of bookmarks
- The AI will now not assault holdings unless it outnumbers the garrison 12-1 (was 10-1)
- Pentarchy holdings can now be taken via dejure claims by any Christians rather than just Orthodox Christians
- Halved the tech gain from battle
- Added decisions to release or execute all prisoners
- The truce from Tribal Invasions now lasts 5 years rather than 1
- The Persian Empire is no longer named as if it were a kingdom
- Turkish emperors are now called Sultan rather than Padishah (historical: Ottoman and Seljuk empires)
- Only dukes and independent counts can take the Become King ambition
- Integrated the split Wealth, Piety, and Prestige ambitions from Additional Objectives 2.0, as their implementation is superior to the one currently in PB
- Vassals won't start/join factions for 10 years after crushing a major revolt unless their opinion of their liege is below -25
- If the Roman Empire is formed and the HRE was formed in Francia, the HRE will revert to being Francia
- Egypt no longer exists until 1171 when Saladin took power. The Caliphate is instead kingdom-tier
- Fixed Erik the Heathen not being vassalized when he loses or white peaces in the War of the two Eriks (vanilla issue)
- Fixed successful tribal invasions not properly applying to empire-tier targets
- Fixed fabricating claims not being possible in some cases where it should, as well as some CBs not being usable
- Fixed factions never being formed
- Fixed "character died gluttonous_death"
- Fixed women being unable to convert provinces

- The Pope will no longer ask his liege to implement Papal Investiture
- Vassalized mercenaries, holy orders, and religious heads will not join factions

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