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This mod removes some of the randomness from the heresy system. Heresies will now be more likely to appear in provinces where they make more sense, so you'll see Cathars in the south of France, and Bogomils in Bulgary etc.. The same goes for characters becoming spontaneously heretic.

It works both with and without DLC, but of course if you have Sons of Abraham installed it uses the new system from the DLC instead of the generic one.

Changed events: -religious_events.txt, -health_events.txt, -job_lord_spiritual.txt, -soa_heresy_events.txt

Culture/heresy mapping:

Occitan - prefer Cathar
Italian - prefer Fraticelli
Saxon or English - prefer Lollard
Frankish - prefer Waldensian

South Slavs (Bulgars, Croats, etc.) - prefer Bogomilist
Russian - prefer Iconoclast
Arabs - prefer Monothelitism or Nestorian
Persian - prefer Nestorian
Mongol - prefer Nestorian

Persian - prefer Zikri
Kurdish - prefer Yazidi
Bedouin - prefer Ibadi

Levantine - prefer Druze
Persian - prefer Hurufi

Altaics (Khazars, Turks etc.) - prefer Karaite

Any other case has equal chance.

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