Crusader Kings II: Rajas of India : India Reveal Teaser

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Length: 00:35
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Posted on: 28.01.2014
Genre: Strategy
Available on: PC
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By Wladrock (SI Newbie) on Jan 29, 2014
Is it just me or the folks at Paradox are getting some of their inspiration from some of the mods that come out for this game? I mean - first I see a mod that gives an option to merge both medieval "Roman" empires into a single one and then I see Legacy of Rome DLC; I see various mods giving the option to play as a pagan and then I see The Old Gods DLC; Same goes for Judaism/heresy mods and Sons of Abraham DLC. Months ago, I was playing VIET mod that contained Buddhism and Hinduism and now this DLC is announced. It's almost as if they're competing with the modding community.