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A small training island located not far from ongoing battle on the "crysis" island.
This training is focused on the officers who will be using the nanosuit and will be put in to battle shortly.

-Battle tank track for testing and training.
-AA and APC shooting range.
-Handheld firing weapons range.
-Grenade and explosives range.

+ some more stuff, you have to find it your self :)


!!do not type the quotes it the console!!

1. Go to the Crysis/game/levels folder.

2. Unpack the "leodieIsland" folder and place it in the levels folder.

3. Add the line: " -devmode " to your crysis shortcut and start the game.

4. open the console (usually the button under ESC) and type:" con_restricted 0 "

5. Then type: " map leodieIsland "


6. Remove the white text in the top corner by typing in " r_displayinfo 0 "

7. Done!



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