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Author: skm

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Cold Mountain - README (SP)

Copy the complete ColdMountain Folder into the Levelfolder of Crysis:
Default: X:ProgramsElectronic ArtsCrytekCrysisGameLevels
X is the Number of your harddrive.
Then start Cryis as always and open the console in the main menu with ^ (with American tastatur layout, the key over the Tab-Button).
Insert con_restricted 0 and map ColdMountain (confirm both with Enter)
You can close the console with ^.

If you have problems with the Water Reflections, open the Console (with ^) and type in r_WaterUpdateDistance 0

Questions, Suggestions or Problems please call in the Threads of the Map
Crymod :
or at sven.kiesser[AT]

If you want to upload the map somewhere else, please write me an e-mail. thank you

White Subtitles: the Player is speaking
Violet Subtitles: a Person is speaking
Blue Subtitles: an other Person is speaking

Map, Design and Animations by skm
Story by AndreasVanHoez
Translations by B to the ertel
Map tested by AndreasVanHoez and SIS | Sebi
ToDīs by Ultimarage
Big thx to chicken for the Water Reflections

Thx for playing. Hope you liked it.

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