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The map we are working on is called: City Assault
The purpose of the map was to work for/with Rad15 and to create him an environment that would allow his Advanced AI to utilise the environment for tactical onslaughts and cover.
Therefore, the map will be released alongside his Advanced AI to show best how the AI can work in such suitable environments.

Within 10 days we modeled, textured, placed models into map, terrain & textured, TOD and optimised for the 20th August.(though i have cheated as i created some of the models before this time lol) This was for the default untouched look of the city.

Then, the few days after, we added military props to the city, for the current mility storyline that we are going with for the first release of this map.

For a later release, we hope to be able to create a Capture the Base styled flowgraph to make the map similar to those played in Battlefield2, a multiplayer version, and a thriller version.


the map includes

Custom built City Buildings - only exterior but with lots of level and roof access for snipering and other tactics
Custom built City props - to hide behind and throw at people
Custom built car props
an underground subway station - for the under and over approach

Rad15's AI will include

HK416 - by Radliff
M4 - by Cargo and Orangy
M16 - by Jlim
M32 - by Jlim and Orangy
P226 - by Ror-Shak


the team includes
# Jlim - Mod leader, modeller, level designer, etc.
# Marco - Lead mapper
# Badas - Mapper
# Crow - Mapper
# Zygurt - Mapper
# Stevendossett - prop
# Triptucker - Car prop
# Richard_[uk] - dirt textures
# Ror-Shak - sigp226
# Rad15 - Advanced AI
# DICY - AI (smart) Navigation and FG
# Nerv3 - FG and Mission setup
# Watbe - FG and AI nav

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