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Author: wrathofgod

Readme File:
This level is the alternate part 2 of the recently released level 'Invade' found here [ADD LINK HERE].

Known Bugs:
1. There is a physics collision issue somewhere n the map that I cannot find. This causes some slow-downs for some people. It is still playable though.
2. In DX10, the loading screen and mini-map are blue, for some reason. They are still visible. They just don't look like they were intended to look. ;)


1. Go to your Crysis game folder -> Electronic Arts -> Crytek -> Crysis -> Game -> Levels.
2. Back up any existing levels with the same name.
3. Copy the level folder from the downloaded archive into the current Level folder (CrysisGameLevels).
4. Start Crysis
5. Open console (with the ~ key) .and type in "con_restricted 0" (without "") to allow access to console commands
6. Load your custom map by typing in the console "map mapname" (Without "") and press Enter.

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