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Author: loser667

I always thought Crysis would be a lot more fun if some of the nano suits abilities lasted longer. In this mod, the player can plow through the terrain at super high speeds, as you can run in speed mode at full speed indefinitely. Also youe suit rechargers almost instantly, enabling you to re-cloack much faster when being sneaky. It may not sound like much but it enables the player to do some things not possible otherwise. My personal favorite is the long jump. When running at full speed in speed mode, many rocks and any ramp that you run on will send you flying. You can use this to literally leap into the battle or even beyond enemy lines, and with your energy recharging so quickly you can be cloacked again before you hit the ground.

In the second release each difficulty setting gets harder as the players abilities increase. At different difficulties, you can run faster, cloak longer, experience less recoil, jump further, and regain energy faster. I did this in part because I think this mod takes some getting used to. Its not easy to run around at speeds much faster than normal and cloak rapidly. I reccomend trying the easier settings first so you can get used to the changes before trying the hardest difficulty setting, which is the main focus of this mod. Most maps come with vehicles not normally usable in the game but that doesnt mean you have to use them. Dont deny yourself the fun of playing on foot as well.

You should download the mod 2 + map - island file along with any additional maps to fully enjoy this mod however it will also work with any other single player maps including any that you may have from other sources. Installing all the maps you will allow you to play the entier campaign with remade maps and super powers. Dont feel bad if you have to turn down the graphics a bit for some of the Super Powers maps. They have about 4-8 times as many AI players in most maps.

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