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Author: mckool

"The Mutant Factor":

Nomad passes out in the VTOL on the ride back from the last mission, only to wake up in an underground facility in the aftermath of a brutal battle. You find out that the infection discovered in "Rescue Mission" has found it's way back this american facility and, while Nomad seems to be infected, his body is reacting very differently. Dr. SHepherd contacts Nomad through his headset and tries to guide him out of the facility through various mutated soldiers which proves to be easier said than done. Along the way Nomad encounters various "visions" and a disembodied voice that may be his daughter (Tara) gone missing 3 years prior.

This map is a mixture of solids and props to create a creepy indoor environment along the lines of F.E.A.R. and Halflife.

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