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Increase the quality of Crysis with this Very High Quality Autoexec.
This autoexec includes all the features and graphics improvements available on Very High (Dx10). Works on both Windows XP and Windows Vista (x86 and x64).

Config made by Hélder "[HP]" Pinto

Thanks to:

* Taowolf51
* Cuban_Legend
* MadBoris


* Better shadows
* Parallax Mapping
* Very high quality textures, terrain and vegetation
* Lightning improved
* High Quality particles
* Tweaked Lods for best FPS/Quality relation.

Changelog V1.1 ~ release 23-12-2007

* Removed the blue distant trees artifacts.
* Removed very noticable vegetation popping effect with grass and shrubs.
* Increased the resolution of sprites, and tweaked sprites lods.
* Improved LODs.
* Improved particle LODs that caused mass usage of CPU.

Changelog V1.2 ~ release 03-01-2008

* Minor Tweaks.
* Removed useless "sys_budget_sysmem" "and sys_budget_videomem" commands.
* Added Very High Settings "CVarGroups" folder, to trick the game to use Level 4 graphics detail. ( Very High Dx10)

Changelog V1.3 ~ release 19-01-2008

* Increased vegetation render distance.
* Better and higher ocean waves.
* Fixed foliage wind activation distance too low.
* Improved water.
* Final tweaks, better FPS/Quality relation.

Installation guide:

1. Paste the "CVarGroups" folder into the folder "..Crysis\Game\Config", and overwrite the existing one. (Backup you're old one if you want)
2. Go ingame and set all the Graphics Settings to HIGH.
3. Paste the file "autoexec.cfg", under the root of you're Game folder "...\Crysis\Game".

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