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Authors: MechWarrior Living Legends Team

Readme File:
Following a successful introduction of Team Action mod and the wonderful support from the
community, we are proud to release Team Action v0.2. After reading all of the feedback
concerning the previous version, we have revised and fixed issues brought to our attention.
Version 0.2 is not chock-full of updates and new features; we have centered on a core set of
functionality and have worked to resolve all known issues. Through many hours of stability
testing and trying to somehow break the mod, happily we werenít able to find anything. With
this release, the mod is fully ready for competition play. Let the games begin!

Mod Overview:
Team Action takes the fun from the much loved team deathmatch mode and applies it to the
Crysis maps. Although it may seem rudimentary, having the ability to co-ordinate flanking
maneuvers and rush chokepoints with your team in tow is a thrilling feeling, and one that we
have finally made possible with this mod.
In Team Action, the players are organized into two teams, either US or North Korean, with
each team having its own kill count displayed at the top of the screen at all times. The concept
is simple; the team that reaches the pre-set kill count first wins!

Mod Features:
∑ A customized HUD that will display the team's current kills count plus the total kills
required for a win (featured below).
∑ Scoreboards edited to reflect the new game rules.
∑ The ability to set and customize penalties for suicides and team kills, which can be
edited via simple console commands.
∑ All current InstantAction maps supported under Team Action.
∑ 32 bit and 64 bit Crysis support is included.

The installer package is simple for everyone to use and unless you wish to run your own
server no other operations are required; just double click the installer and launch the shortcut!
If the previous version is currently installed, this package will automatically upgrade to the
newest version.

Client Install:
∑ Unzip and run the "MWLL Team Action" installer.
∑ To play the mod either use the included shortcuts or Crysis mod launcher.

Server Install:
∑ Unzip the contents of the server install to your Crysis\Mods folder. To help you with
setup, we have included a sample server configuration file and maplist.
∑ To start the server manually you will need to use the following command line when
launching: CrysisDedicatedServer.exe -mod teamaction
∑ To upgrade your existing server installation, unzip/upload the contents to your
serverís mods directory. No further action is required.

Key Console Commands:
If you have decided to run a Local, LAN or Dedicated Server, here are some useful console
commands to get you started administrating your map.
∑ sv_gamerules teaminstantaction - Changes the current server rules to Team Action
∑ g_suicide_penalty - Sets the team score penalty when a player commits suicide.
∑ g_tk_penalty - Sets the team score penalty for when a player team kills.
∑ g_fraglimit - Sets the kill count required to win a match.
∑ g_fraglead - Sets the amount of kills over the other team required for a win. For
example, setting the value to 2 would require one team to have 2 or more kills more
than the other team to win.

∑ Timelimt score correctly awards winning team based on total accumulated points.
∑ Fixed evaluation error in Timelimit function.
∑ Flash scoreboard HUD completely re-worked.
∑ Team scores moved to flash HUD.
∑ Server name and IP address show correctly on HUD.
∑ Fixed flash scoreboard HUD not updating/showing duplicate names.
∑ Fixed static HUD time remaining.
∑ Added function to display and animated time on HUD when round time falls below two
(2) minutes.
∑ Moved mod branding to flash HUD.
∑ Enabled spectator modes.
∑ Enabled auto-balance in server.cfg by default.
∑ Set auto-balance threshold to 1 in server.cfg by default.
∑ Fixed player invulnerability bug.
∑ Fixed map out-of-bounds issues.
∑ Fixed missing map texture(s).
∑ PlantationEvolved map removed from build.

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