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Authors: X32I Team

2008: The Large Hadron Particle Accelerator is finally activated admist fears of this device and it's many doomsday scenarios such as creating BlackHoles which may spell the end for Earth. However what was instead made was a Wormhole. The wormhole however was unstable, and as soon as it was discovered various nations started to work on their own devices. 2009: America starts to create a device on it's own based on the Particle Accelerator technology however focused on creating stable wormholes. The device is built in a secret location within a military base. 2012: The device is finally built, and after many trial and error, they finally create a stable wormhole. However for some unknown reason the device only opens a wormhole to one other planet code named X32I. The planet supports Human life but only just as the planet seems to be in a state of decay.

This MOD's goals are as follows:

* High Quality voice acting
* Graphical detail matching retail games
* Highly cinematic story-line told in playable/non playable cutscenes
* Re-skinned Crysis Assets to make it more fresh, with US having White-Blue theme, and Mercs having Black-Red theme
* Custom content created by the X32I Team
* Custom Soundtrack (not confirmed how much will be used though)
* 3 Episodes, with first due to be released September/October 2008!
* 1-2 maps per Episode
* Each Episode ranging from 1 Hour to 2 hours each

This is the final version of Intro AKA Episode 1, and fixes a few typos and a few cosmetic bugs, as well as optimises the Wormhole's particle effect and is far more efficient. (However the effect is also visible on low settings now so may be worse for those with lesser hardware). This should also fix the invisible barrier bug which has plauged Episode 1 for over 7 months now. Though I will need confirmation of this, as even though the BETA testers coudln't find the bug anymore, that doesn't mean much because it happens randomly.

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