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Author: jlim

custom G19, M16 and MP5n for Crysis, released as a .pak file to play in Crysis campaign or Mods

Jlim Weaponset1

--special thanks to--

Rad15 - m16 XML
Badas - m16 texture
Zygurt - m16 sounds


single weild g19
single weild mp5n
single weild m16


1. unzip the zip folder
2. place the zz_jlimweaponset1.pak file into the C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\crysis\Game folder
3. launch Crysis and a level, and in the console ` type

i_giveitem g19
i_giveitem mp5n
i_giveitem m16

i_giveitem g19Reflex
i_giveitem g19Silencer
i_giveitem g19NormalAmmo
i_giveitem g19ExtendedAmmo
i_giveitem g19LAMFlashLight_wide
i_giveitem g19LAMFlashLight_narrow
i_giveitem g19LAM


the weapons may be used in an level or mod, and released as part of a mod folder, with credits to the authors.
the weapon textures or xml scripts may also be edited.

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