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Zerk's XtremeRockets Mod.

This Mod Changes the Effects and Power of the LAW Rocket.

particle effects Over 100,000 = over 500x the number of the normal Law.

Pressure of 10,000,000. = 5882x the pressure of the normal Law.

Blast Radius of 60 = 20x the size of normal Law.

Damage of 1000 = 3.3x the damage of normal Law.

Rocket Speed of 100 = 1.25x the Speed .

Fire Rate of 6000 = 100x faster then normal Law.

And many other changes.


Drop the ( zz_XtremeRockets.pak ) file & ( Libs ) Folder into your Game folder= C:Program FilesElectronic ArtsCrytekCrysisGame


That's it.

Thank you!

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