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McKool presents The Mutant Factor, a single player modification for the hit PC games Crysis and Crysis Wars. This is a new single player campaign with a completely different story and a new set of characters. The Mutant Factor is heavily influenced by the Half-Life, Crysis, and F.E.A.R series of games.

The player takes the roll of Phoenix, who is sent to investigate strange energy readings at a remote North Korean facility. While on the island, he begins seeing visions of his long lost daughter, Tara, which starts a cascading spiral between reality and possible insanity.After a horrific and bloody battle, he awakens to find himself trapped in an underground facility with only the voice of Dr. Marie Shepherd to guide him out....or is she the only voice?

The 2 level demo for The Mutant Factor was released back in 2009 to critical success. It was featured in the February 2010 issue of the German PC Games magazine. In April of 2010 Fileplanet posted a FileBlog entitled: "Crysis Mods That Will Make Your Video Card Cry" where they mentioned The Mutant Factor demo alongside such other mods as Mechwarriror:Living Legends, Living Hell: No Name Island 2, and Mandate of Heaven to name just a few.

The full version promises the following features:

1. All new storyline with new characters within the Crysis universe
2. Playable in Crysis and Crysis Wars
3. Three all new single player levels (That's around 2 hours of gameplay!)
4. Challenging situations including environmental traps and puzzles
5. Over a dozen new cut scenes
6. New "mind control" power
7. New teleporter system
8. Audio logs and voicemails to further the story
9. Loads of Custom content, including:
a. menu and professional interface
b. music and professional voiceovers
c. environments with creepy atmosphere
d. all new enemies

"If you've played the demo then you have only touched the surface of The Mutant Factor. The full version is SO much more polished!" Says mod creator David "McKool" McHenry

Beta tester Simone ‘TheBlackDead' Angeloni" states: "From a great designer comes this amazing mod. The Mutant Factory engrossed me in an intense spine-chilling story of fear and suspense."

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