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StarCry is a single player mod for the game Crysis with numerous references of science fiction well-known of the players. Explore new worlds and fight the threat of our planet!

Things you need to know about the mod

It's not "call of duty", this is a semi-oldschool gameplay : There is no auto-reload. There is no magic in energy weapons (if a weapon is empty, you must throw it with "J" and pick up another one). If you don't know what to do, look at the objectives (TAB). You must buy most of the weapons / ammo with XP points. You have a life bar and you must collect food and medikits/potions in you back bag, and use them with the middle mouse button. You don't have an infinite endurance. You must find by yourself the weak points of the bosses. If you don't lean or strafe, you're dead. If you can't do headshots, you're dead. If you don't buy ammo at each market device, it will be very difficult. If you avoid enemies and don't collect ankhs, you can't buy anything : it will be very very difficult. You are free to die if you go outside of the action area : you can die in the desert, die frozen, die eaten by crocodiles, sniped, or jump from a cliff...

It's difficult the first time, it's delicious good the second one.


You must have crysis : STEAM version, or BOX version with 1.21 patch. ORIGIN version is not always patched ! Your install must be in english or french. You must be able to run crysis in 32bit !

/ Two modders for this project : Mick & Dark_Wolf
/ Languages : english & french subtitles

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