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Triptych is a Lovecraftian horror/adventure spanning three "panels" written and developed by Dark Craft Studios. With a focus on imagery and atmosphere, the story itself spans a monumental arc covering ancient civilizations, curses, the tale of two men, cosmic horror, and an Elder God.

Triptych: Decessus (Chapter I) takes place in the frozen Yuletide season in a European village named Providence, with an elderly man named Jeremiah Stone accepting his fate after running from a curse for thirty years. He wanders out into the wilderness to meet his destiny, and explores some final aspects of his past in the process.

Triptych: Damnata (Chapter II) takes place from the perspective of a stoic man named Dorian. He is a part of an archaeological team digging into the mountains once belonging to the lost civilization of "Sarcon". A journey of immense discovery, cosmic horror, impending doom and occult knowledge awaits Dorian as he strives to find a means to curse someone. But why?

Triptych: Mendacium (Chapter III) is the final chapter, with two brothers venturing deep into the occult, necromancy, and betrayal. The story comes full circle, capping off all loose ends in a poignant fashion.

Triptych's protracted writing cycle was lead by C-zom in conception and actual writing with additional storyboard assistance and creative think tanking varied writing contributions by Ian Wiese. Seaglass and Maarten Basjes have contributed immense revisions and redrafts of whole or minor portions of the script as dual editors, resulting in a finished product numbering over 50 pages of written and spoken word.

C-zom - Sole Developer | Lead Writer | Lead Conceptual Designer
Ian Wiese - Assistant Writer
Maarten Basjes - Lead Editor
Seaglass - Secondary Editor
KillerTruffle - Voice Actor - Jeremiah
Edwyn Tiong - Voice Actor - Dorian Caulm
StygianWhite - Lead Composer

Special Thanks to!

James Dean - Bonus Tracks Composer
Alan Grant - Graphics Artist (All Book Papers)

Technical Information:

All levels have their height maps rendered in Geocontrol2. We use a mixture of the prefabricated terrains built into the program, or hand craft our own, or sometimes a blend of both types. Triptych uses many assets (Trees, props, buildings, textures) from the now defunct crymod website. It had its entire library of files deleted, reducing our ability to find -- and credit -- authors of individual assets close to impossible. If you are an author of assets we use and want your work extensively credited, or simply pulled, contact us.

Created in Cryengine2. Requires Crysis 1 patched to 1.21, Warhead and Wars are not supported.

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