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StarCry is a single player mod for the game Crysis with numerous references of science fiction well-known of the players. Explore new worlds and fight the threat of our planet!

Things you need to know about the mod

- It is not based on the stargate franchise, even if some models have a similar design (the main character is a SG fan). Maybe it is a prequel to Crysis 1, a dream, or you are connected to the alien's matrix ? You will see !

- Hardcore difficulty. You will have to find the weak points of bosses by yourself. Buy ammo and weapons at each market device. You have a life bar and you must collect food and medikits/potions (use them with the middle mouse button). You don't have an infinite endurance. Always keep health in your backpack and collect a maximum of XP points (money of the game) !

- No auto-reload for weapons with ammo clips. You don't have the equipment to reload energy weapons (like the staff of zat) , you must throw them to pick up another one (Use the "J" key).

- The vehicles are not easy to drive, because this is an alien technology or an heavily armoured tank. No first person view for the human Centaur : there are many reasons !

- If you don't know what to do because you missed the subtitles, look at the objectives (TAB). You will have to find keys to progress, push on switches, jump, climb... If you're stuck, ask on our forums !

- Don't let the enemies regrouping themselves. Kill them one by one, don't avoid them if you don't want to run out of XP ! You must strafe and lean all the time. Headshots and Feetshots are effective.

- It's not an open world, you can't lose yourself. If you're going away from the action, you will be killed by snipers, eaten by crocodiles, frozen, dehydrated ...

- The mod is made to be played many times ! You can't unlock everything the first time. There is a few secondary objectives, and you can save peoples that have been killed the first time you played StarCry.

- You will have a lot of bugs (visual & scripts) if you cannot run the mod in high or very high detail settings with more than 20fps with our benchmark tool. Less than 20fps = blocked scripts and physic problems. It's an issue from crysis.

You must have crysis : STEAM version, or BOX version with 1.21 patch. ORIGIN version is not always patched ! Your install must be in english or french. 64bit support is beta.

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