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Lost Control is a Crysis singleplayer horror mod, which features both scary and action sequences. In an extremely detailed environment you will experience challenging gameplay while being haunted by mysterious creatures.

Note: Atmosphere is a big factor in this mod. Turn off your lights, draw your curtain and increase your volume to further improve the experience. :)


You saw an article in your local newspaper, "Test Subject Needed". It promises a small fortune to any test subjects. Straight away, you drive to the facility to speak with the scientists. After a quick check, they were ready to take you to the on-site medical facility to do more a in-depth analysis. You are following them, eagerly anticipating what awaits you....


Indoor map
Extremly detailed
Extremly creepy atmosphere, shock moments, action sequences
Lots of scripting
Voice Acting
Slowmotion feature
About 45 minutes intense, challenging and exciting gameplay
Lots of custom textures, sounds and models
Full exciting storyline
No nanosuit, Bare human hands
Limited HUD
Easter eggs

Thanks to:

Cuttohulu - Ideas, Story, Criticism
Klausfritz - Textures, Criticism
Klugmerik - Story
jlim - Language
Vader266 - Language
nova - Sound
Damien Lacambra - Voice Acting

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