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Looking for a good mod to remember the good old times of Crysis 1? Want to replay the game that revolutionized the graphics technology in 2007, with the best look possible and with almost ZERO performance cost?

Prepare to reinstall Crysis 1. Because after you see what this mod has to offer, you will wish you had played Crysis 1 like this, in the first time you played it.

BlackFire's Mod is basically a Lighting Mod, wich means, it changes only the Time of Day (TOD) of each singleplayer map, which was carefully adjusted to obtain a thrilling visual.

BlackFire's Mod Ultimate has two main goals:

■ Completely change the look of the game, changing the sun position and time of day to obtain a noon-like illumination.

■ Allow the user full customization of the look of the game.

Note: Be aware this is a daytime only mod, keep this in mind before you use it.

This is the more flexible mod you've ever played, it allows you to customize every aspect of the look of your game, you can customize your game the way that most please you, in real time, by simply pressing a key!

The mod is not intended to satisfy all tastes of course, but it gives possibilities to users, who didn't like some aspects of the illumination, to change them.

This mod can even be considered a 5 in one TOD mod since it comes with 5 lighting presets, and more! There is the the possibility to create your own personal lighting , by turning on or off some effects.

Everything is optional with this mod.

Note: The goal of this mod is not to achieve a realistic lighting, but an illumination that brings more life to the game, the colors and contrast are intentional , so if you were looking for a mod that would keep the original pattern of the game, this is not the right mod for you. However, if you have an open mind and don't care much for that, this mod may be all that you ever wanted

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