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MechLivingLegends: Team Action
version 0.0.1

Client Install:

Run MWLL TeamAction installer. Note, client installs can not create a
local, LAN or dedicated server. To play the mod, use the provided
shortcut created on your desktop. Do not use the in-game mod

Server Install:

Uncompress to Crysis\mods folder. A sample server configuration file
and maplist have been provided for you.

To start the server manually use the following command line:
CrysisDedicatedServer.exe -mod teamaction

Console Commands of Interest:

sv_gamerules teaminstantaction <- Changes server rules to Team Action
g_suicide_penalty <- Sets the team score penalty when a player suicides
g_tk_penalty <- Sets the team score penalty for team killing
g_fraglimit <- Sets match team score required to win
g_fraglead <- Sets the team score lead points required to win.
Example 2 would require a team to win by 2 points.

-MechLivingLegends Mod Team

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