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Ladies and gentlemen, (And Chep alike), i present you my masterpiece, and the every grandfahter of The Last Alcatraz mod, Crysis 2 and The Chepter Machines!

And yes, The Chepter Machines is orginaly mine, not USS_GRAND's, but atleast he had the heart to tell the truth that he used my mod as a base for his mod, instead of stealing it all togheter :)Now, what can you expect from this mod? Look below and see!

----The Very Purpose of this mod------

The very purpose of this mod is that to allow the player to replay the game but in a different way. Being an Marine is not like using the NanoSuit and beat everyone. This mod will make the player to discover new tactics, new ways to defeat th enemy, new ways of thinking and so much more.With the help of The Chepter Machines, a marine can use abilites differently than a soldier with a nanosuit. The Armor mode has been replaced with Freefall mode, this mode makes you able to survive most high falls. Cloak has been removed, Nanovison been replaced with Snake Eyes, that doesnt need energy nor Stamina.The Snake eyes works a little different from the NanoVision,

since not only can it see farther, but also it requires no energy, but causes alot of black colored areas, but its perfect for detecting enemies that the Nanovision couldnt.Also, this mod changes on what upgrades you can use. PlasmaShock is a new one that replaces the Stamp attack. Weapon Pro, Countermeasures and more.The Chepter Machines gives the player a unique and challanging gameplay unnlike others.

----New things in this release------

1: Alot of the ingame texts have been altered such as most of the hints and tips.

2: The HUD Text has been altered a bit.

3: The NanoVision runs on its own battery and is now called Snake Eyes, wich also uses Sonar Pulses.

4: Some new Easter Eggs in the game, think you can find them all?

5: The new hands on Alcatraz is now fully complete, and it shows clearly Chepter Infected hands, wich grands him some unique abilities.

6: All Cheps are now blue as they where in Crysis 1, and also, all their normal mapping and shaders have been improved wiht no fps hit.

7:A couple of new songs and a whole new Music Theme for the main menu.--Going to thank Promuckaj for the headbobbing script, looks great :)Also, i have to thank USS_GRAND for not stealing this mod from me, as he gave me credit for my hard work he stole (not stole maybe, but more like taking it without asking) lol, still, check out his mod when you can ;)

----things to note when playing this mod----

1: The script i modified makes it impossible to use any nanosuit abilites as they normal where used. The armor mode has been replaced with Freefall mode that provides the user to survive an high fall that is normaly leathal to humans.

2: Since you dont have the suit anymore, it is important to think before doing something. Observe your suroundings, use it to your advantage.

3: Since the power jump is not as high as before, you need to find other means to get to higher ground. Look around, look if you can find anything to climb on, like crates or something and build your own stairs or ladder.

4: Remember to use cover alot, since when you dont have Chuck norris by your side nor have the suit, you are very sensitive to open fire from the enemy. Also, tactics is the key to survival.

5: The Chepter machines where orginaly not created for soliders, so expect drawbacks.

6: Most of the ingame text has been altered, instead of Energy, it says Stamina in the HUD.

7: Assist your fellow marines. You need them to survive longer. If you are alone, make sure to sure tactics alot.


Me for creating this mod
My best friend Malwina for testing this mod and reporting the bugs :)
Crytek for creating Crysis 2
CryDev for all your hard working modders.
USS_GRAND and Promuckaj for providing me with the Headbobbing script i needed. :)
Anyone who downloads my mod!
Please report any possible bug you can find, as this mod still need improvements.

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