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The real war mod is now (cRYSIS 2 Battle: New York)
Works on crysis 2 1.1, 1.2 and 1.9 versions
Made to be played on normal difficulty. Because i changed this difficulty with custom (you do not get any bonuses and the ai isnt weakened.

For 1.9
Copy the mod folder to your crysis 2 folder
for example in to C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis 2\

and at this to your shortcut -mod BattleNewYork that it looked like this "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis 2\bin32\Crysis2.exe" -mod BattleNewYork

For 1.2
Backup the (gamecrysis2 folder)
Place the content from the mods/battlenewyork/gamecrysis2 folder to your games gamecrysis2 folder.
for example in to C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis 2\gamecrysis2

What the mod changes
Ammunition - (changes bullet physics to as realistic as possible (mass, speed, penetration, damage).
Weapons - (Changes weapons to be more realistic magsize, firerate, accuracy). Weapons of ai do the same damage as players.(it will be more difficult)
Bodydamage - (simulated bulletproofvests and helmets) Shooting a soldier
in less armored parts will get him down faster while it will take a lot more shots to kill when shooting at the bulletproofvest.
Improved the ai made it fight more realisticaly crouch, increased vission and attack ranges, less shhoting like crazy now they shoot more in controled bursts or single shots.
Changed some marine models added more parts made some heavy soldiers with heavy vests and equipment. I replaced the soldiers with hats with heavy soldiers.
Changed character healths.
Boosted a little the nanosuit capabilities.
Realistic environment destruction (You wont take down a concrete collum or a car door with few 5.56 round shots)
And more...

Also i do not take any responsibility if something hapes when using this mod.
I tested and created this mod and it work well for me.
Have fun and write what you think.
Maybe you have some more thoughts please share them if i will have time and it is possible i will include it.

Thankyou for reading and sorry for my english

Made by justinas91
If you will use my mod give me credits

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