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Author: Online Modding Group

Crysis Wars EX is a modification for Crysis Wars that extends the original game with useful new features and improvements. We are also including new maps and modes and will improve the quality of the modification over time.


* Server Side Option to enable/disable Walljump
* Addition of command to enable/disable the Hit Indicator
* Addition of new console command to compare server and client Protect.xml file
* Added new command to show FPS (without the other information from r_displayinfo)
* Added new console command to show player information (mod version, ping, map name…)
* Added console commands to set different item restrictions for each game mode
* Addition of Server Side option to allow name changing
* Added High Ping kick option for server administrators
* Added alternative way to show the player ingame icons
* Addition of Server Side option to rename Nomads to alternative names
* Disabled most console commands that can be used to tweak the game and adjust it to gain an advantage. Tweaking and adjusting settings is still possible with the use of the in-game options menu.
* Added server side console command to set all players to the same graphic settings (LowSpec).
* Addition of own GUID system as preparation for own Global Ban System.
* Added console commands to bind Loadouts to keys in Power Struggle game mode.


* [FIXED] misplaced AY-69 Silencer in 3rd person
* [FIXED] map Exploit on Refinery
* [FIXED] two different issues with changing map on the server
* [FIXED] bug with raising weapon
* [FIXED] SDK issue with the localized text not being able to be loaded from the localized folder
* [FIXED] bug with explosions not showing up
* [FIXED] issue with not being able to kill sleeping enemies
* [FIXED] issue with laser dot not being visible on all surfaces


* FY-71 Game Balance changes to be more equal to the SCAR
* Slowed down the Light TAC Tank, and removed its driver machine gun
* Decreased melee damage to a value between Patch 1.4 and Patch 1.5
* Resized 3D objectives icons in Power Struggle
* Reworked the balance of the Hurricane to make the weapon more effective as defending weapon
* Raised Switching Speed of all weapons


* Added new Sniper Scope
* Graphical adjustments to the Hurricane
* Added new PS Map "Deadend"
* Added OMG! Login System
* Added OMG! Stats System
* Added overworked versions of existing maps

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