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Wreckage is the final chapter of the trilogy, that began with the map "The Harbour" and was
continued in the modification "Rainy Days".
It tells the story of three soldiers who try to survive a devastating war between two worlds.
The play time will be somewhat longer than one hour.


Cinematic flair: Wreckage puts the player in the middle of thrilling rollercoaster ride
with superior vehicle combats and roaring teamaction. Professional voice actors let you
enjoy the whole mod with a german synchronisation and english subtitles.
Great-Looking Visuals: Hand made environments in different scenarios, CryEngine
technologies like accurate lip synch and facial animation promises a graphic beauty
like you know it from the original game.
Bugless: A new chapter system ensures a minimum amount of game errors. In the unlikely
event of a bug, this way every chapter can be restarted.
Playable without buying Crysis: Just download your Crysis:Wars copy and you're able
to play Crysis:Wars mods.

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