Cheats & Hints

Dawn of War: Dark Crusade Cheats & Codes

When playing, press [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [~] (tilde) and then type any of the following codes in the console (case sensitive):

Code: Description:
FOW_RevealAll Remove Fog of War
fog_toggle Remove Fog
sd_instant_build = 1 Activate Instant Build (Player + CPU)
sd_instant_build = 0 Disable Instant Build
cheat_requisition (number) Number of requisition
cheat_power (number) Number of power
cheat_revealall Reveals map
shadow_toggle Toggle's shadows
cls clears console window
cheat_killself Commit suicide
quit Quit to windows


Dawn of War: Dark Crusade Trainers, Cheats Downloads

Name: Size:
+10 Trainer 68 KB Download it!
Breed Unlocker 261 KB Download it!