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So what do you do when the ogryns are deepstriking down thick as iron, the necrons are inspired by execute and the shrouded crisis suits are burning your home to ashes?

Well I'll tell you what Ol' Jack Burton would do, he would look those suckers square in the eye and relocate his cloaked Imperial Guard HQ full of grots into their base before loosing the possessed chaos space marines from inside. That's what Ol' Jack Burton would do. or something like that...

So combined arms then? Well, it's a concept that didn't go quite as planned. Turns out that your builders, no matter what sort, be it techpriest, grot or whatever, only have the build options of the race you chose....Zounds! Anyway, you work around these things.

The main map is Shas'o Sh'odown where 2 players have one of each production building and can build ANY unit in DC. Think of the possibilities...then think much, much faster! This is a game played with pure flailing adrenaline. It might not be the best, or most sophisticated map ever *cough*Kronus*cough but it's hella fun :D

The second map, For the Greater Good is sort of a single player version, but with you against 7 players, ideally each of a different race, but the choice is yours. Dreadnought Effect kicks in after a while, but it's still a laugh.

Enjoy yourselves, have a sandbox.



INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS - Copy this DXP2 folder into your Dark Crusade Folder, it will ask if you are okay with overwriting anything - which you are, as you won't. It will then put all the files in the correct places.

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