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ARX HIBERNIA... City Center Spaceport, Warehouse district. This Jewel of the Empire must be Taken/Defended at all costs. This part of the City is yet untouched by the ravages of the invasion that has decimated other areas.

Arx Hibernia is designed for all types of play, however 2 teams of 4, or 4 teams of two work best. This map is 1024x1024 with a lot of detail. In order to make a non- destroyed imperial city I had to get a little "creative" with some of the roofs, to have many types of buildings, so in other words if some of my roofs bother you....squint.

Installation: unzip into your DC directory (this also works with winter assault C:\Program Files\ THQ\Dawn of War\MXP\Data\Scenarios\MP

I hope you enjoy this, I have five other parts of the city(maps) almost completed and will release them depending on feedback.

I really don't care if you use it or send it to friends(or enemies) whatever, just give me credit. Thanks WERETURNIP. (Eckley62 on forums) e-mail eckley_rob at Yahoo dot com

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