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---Aridus Prime----by flip hazard
Skirmish/Multiplayer Map for 'Dawn of War - Dark Crusade'
for 4 player.

(1) Installation:

Unzip all files into your ../THQ/Dawn of War - Dark Crusade folder. Don't worry about overwriting if you get prompted, i haven't changed any files.

If your zip program doesn't support 'using path' or if you ain't sure unzip all files into a temporary folder then drag them into the appropriate game folders like this:

the larger 4p_Aridus_Prime.tga into:
../THQ/Dawn of War - Dark Crusade/DXP2/Data/Scenarios/MP

the smaller 4p_Aridus_Prime.tga into:
../THQ/Dawn of War - Dark Crusade/DXP2/Data/Scenarios/MP/Loading

all other tga and sgb files into:
../THQ/Dawn of War - Dark Crusade/DXP2/Data/Scenarios/MP into:
../THQ/Dawn of War - Dark Crusade/DXP2/Data/Art/Decals/AA

the other dds files into:
../THQ/Dawn of War - Dark Crusade/DXP2/Data/Art/Decals/urban

(you might need to create some of those folders if you do it this way)


(2) Description

Aridus Prime is a desert themed map with four bases, one strategic objective, 19 strategic points, 4 relics and no slag deposits. The map is asymmetrical and therefore slightly unbalanced but each of the starting points has advantages as well as disadvantages. Gameplay varies a lot depending on which ally you chose or if you chose none at all.
There are two areas on the map that can only be accessed by jump/teleport capable troops, the rooftop on the hill between base 1 and 3 and the hilltop between map center and base 4. For more realism and tabletop 40k feel i also added cover in some spots that you might not expect, like around ruins and close to walls.


(3) Disclaimer

Uhm.. well. I used 3 custom decals but i have no idea who made them. If you want to make money with those you should probably try and find out. Copyrights for all other texture/model/fx belong to Relic Entertainment, i guess.

If you want to use this map in a mappack or upload or publish it elsewhere than on DoW-Files let me know:
flip_hazard AT gmx DOT net


(5) In game description

Reconnaissance Mission 248b-fk3918......Aridus Prime, Area 8439 3984......Long range scans of the area around the old mining facility indicated presence of various lifeforms. We marked four areas that might be of particular interest:......(1) Abandoned Tau Base ......(2) Ork Drop Zone......(3) Imperial Landing Pad......(4) Ruins..................Scout teams ready to launch. Awaiting your orders.

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