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(2p) Fortezze sul Fiume (Strongholds on the River)




Map for Dawn of War - Dark Crusade

A balanced 1vs1 map, with 6 points, 2 objective, 1 relic & 2 slag deposits.

This river have see lots of battles. Now what will happen to the fighting armies on the two bridges? Who will win?
(Note: to get the relic in the middle, you have to jump with troops from one of the bridges...I know this made the map unbalanced, but i like the idea of a "hidden" relic on the map! If you don't like, read the legal stuff!)


- Extract the folder "DXP2" into your Dawn of War - Dark Crusade directory.
- If you get a message about overwriting files, click "yes" (this will only adds the new files, not delete the others!).
- Have fun!


You may edit this map for personal use, but you may NOT resubmit it (in any form), stick it into any mods &/or claim it as your own.
If you wish to edit/modify it in any way (including adding it to mods) & then upload/redistribute it, you must first obtain my consentual permission & include this readme &/or give me credit for creating it.
I can be contacted at: (occhiodifalco AT alice DOT it)

Oh, and sorry for my english, i'm italian!
- Kl@'-

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