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Areana Readme!!
This is a 2vs2 map for dark crusade whith a Relic in the center basicly it includes a minimap a icon and a loading
the loading screen and mini map isn't brilliant but its my 1st so dont be too picky!!!(plz)

if you want to use this map in a mod or mappack you can as long as you contact me 1st at:
ironcheese .at. hotmial .dot. co .dot. uk
BUT you must include my name and let me take all the credit for it!
and feel free to modify it but same include my name if you submit it anywhere/ make it publicly available!

whith thanks to:
rydens mapping resource for all the guides there!!! =)

Installation: simply copy dpx2 to your main dowdc directory and it should work (heres hoping!)

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