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***Hell Beneath, a 6 player map for Dawn of War by Ira Aduro***

Hell Beneath is my debut map. It emphasizes strategic use of cover and manuevering. This map sprang from my desire for a map that catered to epic struggles. I like high body counts. I like my ground blindly littered with the dead and dying. War is hell, but it should be a fun hell. And so I set about making a map that would force commanders to use good strategy or die. This is a map where you will ride that razor's edge every moment of the game. From death-trap bridges to cover providing craters and trees, every inch of this map was lovingly crafted for that purpose.

This isn't just a map. It's an epic-tale maker.

Installation tips: extract and drag the two folders ('Art' and 'scenarios') into the 'Data' folder where you keep your maps.

Legal stuff: No one likes legal stuff but then again, no one likes their stuff misused. This is a map for the community. So share it with your friends. Recommend it to your enemies. Play it 5 times a day. Just don't modify it or claim that it's yours. Also, when sharing, please include all files that were in the original .zip. This would include the custom load screen. If you want to include this map in a mappack, be sure to notify me via: iraaduro at gmail dot com.

Contact info: iraaduro at gmail dot com (you can figure it out. Spam bots can't)

Leave me some feedback.

A PDF manual is included with this map. Use the tactical maps and suggestions in the manual to plot your enemy's demise

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