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Intall into
F:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade\DXP2\Data\Scenarios\MP
Also It a long time since I make my Last map so Please don't me Mean

Made By Kalamor The True Gods Servent Emperor Of ManKind

This is a Dawn Of War Dark Crusade Map

Also Player 1 needs to be Space Marines
player 2 Is Eldar
Player 3 Is Imperial Guard
Player 4 Is Orks
Player 5 Is Chaos Space Marines
Player 6 Is Necrons

Its Even so it be fun just Players 1-3 need to be teamed and 4-6 need to be a team

Also Idc What u do with the map

Also Srry No Screen Shots Cuz my Screen Shot button doesn't work anymore Sorry but Read Aboutthe Deatails Of the Map Please

There is a Factory next to the Gothic slums Building it has Some tank (no one owns them)
with Some Civilian WorksMaking them

The Warehouse is next to the Apartments it has Tanks to with Civilians Inspecting them

Your team Starts of with a Platoon of the Race the Team Number is Assigned to (player one will have Imperial guard ect.)

The Castle has a Platoon of Civilians (no1 can use) with Guards men watching them and a commisar(w/e idc if i misspelt)
"talking to them" Next to them is A platoon of Guardsmen (no1 owns) in the Compound gates are 2 thunderhawk were Civilians
Are getting ready to board them to become Space Marines The gates are guarded by 2 Space Marines A Chaplain and Libarian

There is Also a Cathedril With a Women "Teaching" The Boys and Girls of Her Class

Over by the Space Marine Spawn is 2 guardsmen and a Commisar
"Teaching Young Children" about The Military and So on

The Goverment Building has a Line of Male Civilians leading into it with the
Door Guarded by 2 Guardsmen and 2 lines of 3 standing towards the Line of Civilians
to the Far left is the Space Marine Recruitment and
the Far Right is the Imperial Guard Recruitment Station

Thats about it and if some1 goes into to the Library out side of the Stronghold they will get shot its to slow the Computers down when you play alone
but a artillary Strike can talk them out its 2 squads of Space marines Half a Squad of IGs 2 Hellfire Dreadnoughts and A Libarian

Please read the Caption about the Map

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