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Demise of Voysroya and Bluff of a Courtswain Map Pack.
By Munich

Demise of Voystroya
All have heard the tales of the brave Voystroyans.
You very rarely hear of there defeats, but this is an
exception. Once a large industrial behemoth it was
wiped out by the followers of Slanesh,
The Prince of Excess. They now prowl the lands in
search of the small groups of survivers for there own
twisted ends.

Bluff of a Courtswain
The two large plataeus are the key. They are where the
final two Websail portals are if these are to fall all
eldar kind will be extinct. The reason for this is that
these two Websails are connected to every Craftworld.
This once majestic Fortress is now a shadow of its
former beauty.

Installation Copy to DXP2/Data/Scenarios/MP
if not there create them

Thanks for Downloading Munich

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