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Lake Inixis (6p) Version 2!!

Thanks for downloading my first map's second and final edition!

To install:
Simply extract the files and place them in
C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War Dark Crusade\DXP2\Data\Scenarios\MP

If you want some fluff, then here it is:

Lake Inixis is one of the small rural lakes on the Planet
whatever the Firstborn Mod finally decided the name was... It is in the small town of Inixis that a dozen
transports crashed due to a psychic storm created by the Fell Powers The local PDF took a stand, and
was all but decimated in the fighting, leaving a rubble strewn town to be defended by the newly
arrived Vostroyans. It is the task of the local commanders of the Vostroyans to now voyage out of the
town to strike back at the powers of Chaos. Enjoy!

There are two relics, 4 slag deposits, 3 Critical Locations, and more then enough Stragic Points.

Suggestions and comments always welcome.
You can PM me at NeCoHo on dowfiles, or email me at psycoscififan AT verizon DOT com

p.s. No one can edit this map except for Gaffer1991 and the peeps at the Vostroyan Firstborn Mod.

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