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Map name: Testcake
Version: 2
Game mode: Mulitplay/Skirmish
For: Dark Crusade
Players: 4
Created by: Victor
Email: Imjodokast at hotmail

Place the W40k folder and all it's contents into the Dark Crusade directory.

A My first map...

Just a few minor changes, place a few more decorative objects and flattend out a few spots of the terrian. A spot was found where a builder unit could get stuck in the ground.

A single Relic located at the center of the map surrounded by a large mass of water that provides negative cover. This larger more open area is easier to march a large force through but doing so through negative cover and usually towards an easily foritfied position.

Player locations are at the corners of map, with a body of land leading out toward the center helps defend from a frontal attack. Attacks can also come from each side of the player location. One path is a straight shot to another player with no natural defensive point like a strategic point. The other side path at least gives an attacking player some light cover.

Any feedback would be welcomed.

Legal Stuff:
Do not redistributed or modify map for your own project without permission.

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