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Author: man21

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This map is a large 512x512 2 player map. It contains detailed buildings offering cover but many house strategic points, which means you could
come under heavy enemy fire. There are also may sacrificial slabs to destroy, and a warp gate to close. Fixed teams should be used:
Player 1 (you): Space marinesDaemon HuntersWitch HuntersImperial Guard
Player 2: Chaos
(note chaos get a few low tier buildings around the map, which means erradicating them isn't that easy)

To install it place the data folder in the dxp2 folder. The dxp2 folder is
in the Darkcrusade directory.

This is my map created by me using the Mission Editor. You may use my map without permission but give me credit please it took me about
12hrs to make!

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