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KylinRage's Dark Crusade Map Pack

This is a pack of 6 maps that I made to polish my map-making skills.
These maps are designed for mostly for free-for-all play, except for Frigid and Yawning Canyon.

Here is a quick summary of each map:
Chokehold: Simple map. 1v1v1. There is a mesa that belongs to the player at slot 1, and there are a lot of points there.
Duneswept: Desert Map. Very simple, 256x256. A lot of craters to take cover in.
Frigid: A snow map with a river in the middle. There are two bridges that connect the two teams. The key is to hold these bridges.
Waterway: Very plain, but challenging map. The river in the middle is completely negative cover, making it hard to assault the opponent team's shores.
Yawning Canyon: Hellish terrain, 256x256. Very little space to build here.
Fuchsia: This map is a 6 player free-for-all. Slots 2, 5, and 6 are uncomfortably close to each other, so be aware!

How to install:
Extract all content into Dark Crusade's install directoryDXP2DataScenarios. It should install properly.

I made these maps, so if you re-distribute them, please give me credit.


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