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hay well hears another set for you guys (trust me its my best yet!)

ok ok now lets get to the point. this skin pack holds 4 dif skins for the kasrkin comando
i went ahead and compleatly re did it (new visors,camo,back pack,ect)after i re skined it i played around with the coler thus making you
4 compleatly difrent comandos. i haft to say they kinda have a glowy efect (ok not rilly but it looks like it) so if you do not wunt asom glow in the dark solders
this is not for you.

my pack alows you to pick your fave and use it plz dont try to combine cus it will overright
o ya this product is my work and my work only you must get prmision to use it in a mod or distrubute it.
dont distrubute it as your own and give credit where cretit is needed

1 spec ops skin'
1 swamp ops skin'
1 desert ops skin'
1 comando skin

instelation <---(AND YES IT IS SPELLED WRONG)

eather put A! skins in your fave mod or

put IT! hear C:\Program Files\THQ\DarkCrusade\DXP2\Data\Art\EBPs\races\imperial_guard\texture_share

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