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Tabletop Round-up mod - version 1.35 (for DOW: Dark Crusade version 1.2)

--Intro & Mod information--

I'm not a modding Professional (though they don't exist anyways), so please
don't tell me things like "This mod is bulls**t!" or "I hate you, your mother, your country,
your entire family, & your dog... because of this mod."
If there's a problem, then please give me useful & persuasive constructive critisism (I get
easily upset & am a bit self-centred) for me to learn from & use.

NOTE - The content of many ‘online resources’ has been included into the TTRU mod & tweaked/balanced. I assure all that these were used with permission (in one way or another) from the original owners, most notably the Ork Gunwagon, Grot tank, grotz gangs & Eldar jetbikes by MaestroRobertus, the Closer-to-codex team’s public resources, & I was given permission by Compiler to use his files from version 2.1 of his Space Marines Armoury mod.
Please don't think anything quite suspicious of this, as I Have been given permission to do this. If there's anything wrong, please inform me. Thanks to these kind people is at the bottom of this Readme.

This mod was primarily designed to increase the damage & range comparison values to more 'tabletop-realistic' values for those people
(like myself) who can get easily bored with games because of the sheer amount of time it takes to complete things. Of course, there’re compromises to retain the game’s playability, but the mod introduces a new way of gaming & thinking to Dawn of War.
However, most units have also been scaled down to reflect the unit sizing in the tabletop minitatures (for example, most tanks are now far bigger than infantry now). Seeing as infantry are now smaller, the player now gets a 'bigger view' over their forces.

One may think that Orks, as a Close-combat heavy army, would be horribly nerfed by the mod’s changes. Let me assure you that they’re still useful, just a bit more exaggerated & infantry-focused. Their pop
cap has now been increased, the max boyz in many assault squads is now 20.

Infantry also now re-inforce almost instantly when out of combat (though this can eat up resources if you're not careful!), & are slightly tougher in general than what they were in version 1.2 (most weapons will no longer ALWAYS kill most infantry in a single shot, though unit lethality is still higher than in standard Dark Crusade).

You might think that vehicle armies are completely superior to mixed armies? Well considering that vehicles can pack more powerful firepower, yes. DO remember that infantry however are not really quickly mowed down as in real-life by vehicles. This’ a game after all. As of such, to take care of vehicles, all races have some sort of infantry choice that excels against vehicles in preference to infantry as an alternative to using potentially valuable vehicles to counter other ones.

Monsterous things, such as the Avatar, have had massive improvements to their damage values (apart from
Squiggoth shooty weapons as they're already powerful). The bloodthirster however has been made tougher
& stronger, like in the Tabletop game, to match or even beat the Avatar.

This mod was made on knowledge I have from the rules of the tabletop miniature game (Warhammer 40 000),
so if you don't know much about the miniature game, then expect a few surprises!
If you're curious, I've also modified the damage-based special abilities & even the special attacks that
some units have access to, some vehicle death explosions have also been tweaked slightly.

--Mod Goals--

In the next few versions, the main additions & changes I wish to make are:

To balance the mod better;
Add more changes;
Other tanks & stuff not implemented by THQ & Relic.


1.35 (release):

Tau empire can now build mines;
Tau empire can now also build & deep-strike Drone turrets from the Vehicle building;
Eldar Skimmers now benefit from hull-mounted Shuriken Cannon upgrades, obtained via the former holofield research;
Eldar Falcon Grav tanks can get more weapon upgrades (original modifications by Kueara);
'Swapped round' the Ork Nob & Armoured Nob costs (they were wrong initially);
Increased costs (overall) of Vespids;
Increased the costs (overall) of Vypers;
Most infantry now have slight squad taxes on them to conpensate for either non squad-related abilities or capturing points;
Necron Warrior squads do not slow down the build time of new warrior squads so hugely now then before;
Grot tank's HP & costs have been increased slightly, in addition to now costing 3 fast attack cap units;
wartrukks now have a hard cap of 6 on them, rather than being limited via fast attack cap;
Re-introduced the Tau "targeting optics" research & re-named it to "multi-tracker," which increases the speeds of all
tau tanks ingame (including the devilfish);
Devilfish & Falcon grav tanks now have very long jump ranges (with long times to conpensate) to allow for more convenient
& micromanagement-free transporting;
Chimera tanks have a 'speed boost' ability that allows them to travel slightly faster instead of shooting (being transports after all);
Replaced the 'Feral Leap' research with 'Pride of Tau,' which enables melee leap for Kroot & shield drones for relevant squads;
Removed the Tau 'Missile Barrage' Research, & as of such Skyrays automatically start able to use the missile barrage ability;
XV-8 Crisis teams & Pathfinder squads can get sheild drones (though in limited amount for balance reasons);
Shield drone invulnerability radius has been decreased;
Space Marine Command squad can now act as a shield for commanders, reducing their ranged damage to 10% when attached;
Space Marine Command squad cost for marines & production has been heavily reduced;
A group of 3 Whirlwinds and (at least) one Land speeder Tornado in proximity form a supression force, in which the
whirlwinds benefit from a quadrupled weapon range (taken from the 40K Apocalypse rules to make them more useful).
(Note that this only works when 3 whirlwinds are in close proximity of each other along with the land speeder tornado.
A graphic has been made as an indicator to show that the effect is present when the combo is reached);
Ork Big Mek gets his 'Super Stikk Bomb' ability back, with far more damage behind it;
Ork Tougher bosses research doesn't increase the hitpoints of the Big Mek & Warboss so dramatically;
The Cost of a Broadside Battlesuit squad has been heavily increased (again);
Broadside Battlesuits no longer need to entrench to fire their railguns (they set-up instead);
Tau gun drones can now engage in melee;
Big Mek hitpoints have been reduced slightly;
Tau commander can now be built from the Tau HQ (requires Kroot nest though);
Tau commander has had its power cost increased a lot considering his power;
Included the 'City of artrabis," credit goes to Master Z;
Added the map "Aridus Prime," made by Flip Hazard.

1.34 (internal beta):

Terminators now have chainfists as upgrades (not assault terminators though);
Necrons now get the pylon, which is buildable via the Energy Core;
New armour values have been given to the Big Mek, Ogryns, Nobz & Ard Nobz to better suit their toughness;
New research limit system has been implemented for all races (apart from Necrons, which already have one) to
allow for more customizable forces;
Tau Snare traps have a shorter trigger range (means you need more of them for a real effect as they're so effective);
The Tau Commander's Target Aquired ability has had a slight damage reduction to most commander units, & has
also had its range halved. It requires the Target Lock research in addition to use it;
IG heavy weapon teams can now be purchased & deployed as squads, retaining the original upgrade system (now with mortars);
Necron warriors are very slightly harder to destroy in ranged combat;
Bug fixed where Necron warriors had a reload time of 2 (It's now 1 shot per second);
Bug fixed where Necron destroyer-type unit bodies float around the map when destroyed;
Necron warrior squads cost 125 power instead of 100;
Weapon specialization research increases the amount of weapon upgrades guardsmen squads get instead of
allowing them to have their weapon upgrades (their weapons now have different requirements);
Tau barracks has now been shifted to require the Path to enlightenment, for Fire warriors are overpowered in T1;
Necron units now have customisable badges (thanks to Evil-Terminte & Thebeastwithin for permission factors);
Tau now have camouflage textures (the units anyways) & customizable badges (Thanks to Hangar-8);
Raptor squads, Chaos marine squads & Havoc squads have had their upgrade limits reduced to match their
Space marine counter-parts;
Removed the 2 pointless Chaos researches - Purge the weak & Furious charge;
Introduced the Chaos heavy weapons research, which increases the maximum upgrade limits for
Raptor, Chaos marine, Havoc & cultist squads;
Added new voices (by Neverhoodian) for the Imperial guard Griffon mortar & Hydra tanks;
Other minor changes I didn't list...

1.335 (internal beta):

New main-menu screen;
Large overhaul with weapon stats, the changes are self-explanitory ingame;
Ork Trukk starts with a single Big shoota which is upgradable to a rokkit launcha;
Ork has been re-sized on the trukk to tabletop sizing;
Tau crisis suits can now have both flamers & missile launchers per suit in the same squad;
Land speeder tornadoes & typhoons are in squads, & the tornado upgrade system has been tweaked to represent the weapon configurations in tabletop;
Scout squads have been cheapened slightly, though the sniper rifle research increases their price;
Skull probes now actually infiltrate(!);
The Damocles scanning ability is now usable as soon as the Damocles is built, & can also detect infiltrated units (though at a third of the range of normal sight however);
Assault marine squads now require the SM armoury;
Assault marine & raptor squads have been increased in cost slightly;
The Force Commander & Chaos lord ‘health researches’ now enable invulnerable saves (1st research) & also activate artificier armour-equivalent armour types (2nd research), making them far more useful.

1.33 (beta):

T1 ranged weaponry has been weakened to make Close combat in T1 a bit more useful (though research should bring back their original strengths furthur on ingame);
Tau Hammerhead now has the ion cannon as a starting weapon, & the railgun as an upgrade;
Tau pathfinders now have rail rifle upgrades (cheers Riker);
Space Marines Termintor sergeants & cyclone missile launchers added (thanks to Prometheus & whoever else worked on these initially);
Stealth suit fusion blasters have been nerfed slightly against buildings;
Ork HQ armour now starts off as building_medium, so that skyray missile barrages should no longer obliterate them at full HP;
Necron Gauss cannons & Gauss blasters have been weakened against medium & heavy vehicle armour so that they cannot
unfairly destroy them too quickly (& to make them do similar amounts of damage to such vehicles as gauss flayers do);
Gauss flayers have been buffed against medium & heavy vehicles;
Fixed the dodgy bug with the scout sniper research messing up their upgrades system;
Fixed the Ork Dreadnought bug where the secondary gun dissappears on the sync_kill_4 animations;
New Ork 'Ard boy voices;
A few other changes I've forgotten to list...

1.3 (beta):

Deleted the Nurgle Champion & Icon bearer (that wern't being used anyways) to free up some space;
flamer damage values have been halved, & morale damages reduced too;
T1 & T2 Necron infantry have had some price reductions;
Most ability cool-down times have been increased to avoid heavy-micromanagement requirements (but have had thier damage
values adjusted to make them more useful);
(most) smaller & weaker vehicles have been put into squads as in tabletop (apart from land speeder variants as they're too
customizable, & currently cause the game to crash when put into squads);
Wartraks do not have Bomb chuckas, but start off with skorchas which can be upgraded to big shootaz or rokkit launchaz;
Camera settings have been restored to default (but with a few other tweaks to suit the Tabletop scaling);
Tabletop scaling introduced with adjustments to formations, weapon co-ordinates, unit sizing, certain weapon explosions & more;
The Revised Squiggoth has had its immobilization bug fixed, along with a few UV mapping screw-ups;
The battle fortress can now use its Zzap guns in close combat for added insult;
Orks now have the Kustim Stompa (very nasty close-combat walker about the size of the battle fortress);
The greater Knarloc has been given a gun (from either a bolt thrower, explosive bolt thrower or linked kroot guns);
Severly revised the Imperial guard command squad to match the TT one far closer (with medics etc);
Added Space Marines Command Squad;
The Company Champion, Standard Bearer, Veteran sergeant & apothecary can be recruited into the command squad;
Adjusted the AI for Dark Crusade in the mod;
Necron economy adjusted (power generators now require listening posts);
Halved the range of ALL weapons;
Necrons & Tau have been adjusted for the mod (more on this later…);
Heavy Support cap is now FULLY functional;
Support cap has been replaced with fast attack cap, as another limiting thing as in Tabletop;
A few minor changes that I forgot to mention…

Added the Hydra to the AI’s list, & tweaked the AI a bit as well;
Taskbar minimize buttons now don’t shrink when moused over (problem introduced when Heavy support cap was in the works);
Fixed the Hydra’s Heavy bolter FX bug;
Twin-linked weapons are now not drastically more powerful than their non-linked cousins, they do roughly 25% more damage than their normal variants, but still have improved accuracy;
Commander & monster_high armour types are now MUCH tougher;
Eldar Wraithlord is tougher, to be more worth what it is;
A number of Eldar Codex changes introduced have been implemented into the mod - The Eldar Avatar is now tougher in general;
Guardian storm squads are now the Eldar’s starting troops, as defenders are generally more useful now.
Guardian defenders & storm squads have squad sizes of 9 - 14 now;
Dark Reapers have the same armour type as warp spiders now;
(Dire avenger shuriken catapults have a range boost);
Guardian Defender squads have heavy weapon platforms as leader upgrades;
Prism cannon weapon modes introduced for anti-infantry & other target modes (dispersed & focused blasts);
Avatar is much tougher than other things against fire & melta-based weaponry than other monstrous creatures (as par the Avatar’s resurrected tabletop rule).

1.2 beta:
Warhound Titan (all weapon types available too) added to the new map “City Of Titanic tales (4).” It can be used when the central critical location is captured for a certain time. (Model & texture by Winterdyne, animations & the rest by myself, Map by Buster_wounds);
Another weapon overhaul: Close combat weapons have been adjusted to be more in accordance to tabletop (so that close combat squads are now a lot better than non-hitty ones);
Heavy support cap added to simulate the Heavy support category in the Tabletop Force Organisation charts. All races apart from Orks use it. This feature is experimental however, & isn’t fully functional. Certain units use this, such as basilisks & Leman Russ tanks;
Hydra AA tank added. There’s a limit of 2 on these due to the model’s high-poly count. This was originally Havoc’s model. Texture systems were changed slightly to avoid colour-bleed;
More adjustments made to fast-firing weapons, where rate of fire has been modded so that weaker infantry don’t die too quickly. Damage has been changes in proportion;
Flame weapons now have less of an impact on morale (including the inferno cannon), but are still just as powerful;
The Inferno cannon is weaker against heavy infantry & Bloodletters\Avatar\Bloodthirster;
Chaos Bikes added (thanks to GreenPhero). Many bugs though that will need fixing;
Land Speeder Tempest added to the Space Marines (original model by the adeptus aviatus team, textures & everything else is my part);
Griffon Mortar tank added to Imperial guard (original model & texture by the Cadian Inquisition, my animations);
Bloodletters & Khorne Terminators are now MUCH more useful, as the morale issues are fixed;
Bloodletters & Horrors now have ‘Invulnerable saves’ (automatic ability);
Revised Chaos terminators introduced, thanks to the C2C team;
Hit point doubling script added, many thanks to Incarnate added (More information on this after the change log);
Conscripts are now colourable (thanks to Carcharodon);
Support sentinel added (all my work) - Rocket pod & missile launcher options;
Necron Living metal armour introduced, which is more resistant to bright lances, melta weapons etc than typical vehicles;
Codex Vypers introduced for the missing weapons (starcannon, scatter laser & bright lance options now available);
Few other minor changes…


Huge changes to the weapons. Almost ALL shooting weapons (flamers not changed much though) have had their ranges set to 2.5 x the tabletop value, making most of their ranges better;
Fast-firing shooting weapons, such as bolters & starcannons, are now much weaker, down to 33% of their original damage levels. Also inflict les morale damage in proportion;
Skorchas added to the Battle Wagon, or rather - they start off with them now, & are upgradable to big shootas;
Bloodletters are now much tougher in general (different armour type);
Ork Big Gunz batteries added (Lobba, Kannon or Zzap gun options) to the Ork Settlement;
Sight values increased again;
All Ork infantry that use choppaz are more powerful in close combat, particularly slugga boyz;
Eldar Scatter laser & Starcannon heavy weapon platforms added to the webway gate building;
Scorpion Grav tank’s dodgy aiming has been fixed;
Scorpion’s also got a new texture, thanks to Carcharodon;
Few other minor changes…


Ork Battle Wagon added;
Ork Wagon-type vehicles have new (though slightly odd) voices now;
Few aiming bugs (might have been) fixed with the Battle Fortress;
The worst one of the aiming problems with the Night spinner has been solved. Now only the dodgy vertical aiming & unpredictable projectile problems remain!;
Codex Predators & Chaos Predators added (thanks again guys!);
Venerable Dreadnought & Codex Dreadnought added;
AI updated & tweaked a little;
Minimum damage & general armour-piercing value of weapons reduced, so that Vehicles & tough buildings can’t easily be destroyed by massed anti-infantry weaponry.
Sight radii of most units & vehicles increased a lot;
Few other things I can’t be asked to mention…

1.0a/b (private testing only):

Many of the extra units now have AI programmed, including the SM bikes & the Scorpion Grav tank.
Leman Russ variants added (thanks to the C2C team);
Added Chaos Bloodletters (experimental). Model & texture by Kjon, base animations by myself;
Few minor tweaks that’re unmentioned as of such…

0.99b (beta tester release):

Bloody annoying bug that caused the game to crash randomly has been fixed (caused by certain abilities back-firing & killing the user. Abilities act normal now, so no more back-firing earthshaker cannons!);
Added Imperial Heavy Weapons team: Mortar; Heavy bolter & Lascannon (thanks to Korbah, Excedrin & Mlai from Dawn of War: Professional for the files);
Increased the weapon ranges of most weapons by 50%, & artillery weapons have now got much better ranges too;
Added a few more things from the closer-to-codex team, such as the Rhinos;
Added Ork Dreadnought (experimental). Model & changes done by myself;
Added Necron Destroyers & Heavy Destroyers (thanks Alan Mace for the model & textures);
Added Necron Gauss Defence Structure (model & a small part of the texture by Morkai Iron Wolf, aka Aaron Smith);
Valkyrie Deep-striking feature implemented to a special guardsmen squad built in the Tactica Control (Thanks to Kjon for the Valkyrie stuff);
Certain units which fire ‘artillery’ projectiles (like the Baneblade) can now move & shoot yet still use the same projectiles. I worked that out, but I think someone else may’ve found this before me;
Brought back Sorcerer’s Doombolt, as it actually works now.

0.99a (beta tester release):
Brought back some Orky research things;
Added Chaos Dreadnought & Land Raider (credit to Kjon & Minaithnir2005);
Added Eldar Scorpion Super-heavy Grav tank (exclusive model to us, thanks to Catwell & Compiler for models & corrections to any faulty animations I did)!
Added Ork Battle Fortress (thanks to Them_Apples & Skills for animations & model);
Added a whole array of Closer-to-Codex units (big thank-you to both Medes & Havoc);
Added The Land Raider Helios (credit to HorusHeretic for the original model, which I fixed);
Changed the stats of a few more things;
Made certain tougher vehicles more destroyable (less HP) so that they weren’t too tough;
Added Ork Gunwagon, Grot Tank, Grot Gangz & Eldar Jetbikes (many thanks to MaestroRobertus);
Added a few more Necron things (thanks to Havoc);
A few other changes I’ve forgotten to list…

(From Fatality mod Original):

Unfortunately, due to a known bug, but an unknown actual cause, I've disabled the Chaos Sorcerer's
Doombolt ability, as it caused the game to crash back out to the desktop when used. Sorry guys.
Scorpion Grav tank & Vaul portal made & Implemented. These are our 1st Mod-specific units!

Added & tweaked the Terminators, Khorne Terminators & Chaos Havocs (many thanks to Medes & anyone
else who helped out in the Closer to Codex mod);
Experimental - added voices to the khorne terminators, vindicator & typhoon;
Pulse laser added to the Falcon grav tank -
The Star cannon is now the 'base weapon' for the Grav tank, & can be upgraded to the pulse laser
(Bright lance with a rate of fire of a shot per 0.8 seconds, & does less damage overall,
in particular to heavy armoured vehilces & buildings, though they still shred them in a matter
of seconds). No FX implemented yet (unless someone wants to help out), sorry;
Prism Cannon & Sniper rifle ranges (all types) increased;
Battle cannons, missle batteries & Earthshaker cannons have their weapon ranges increased
Sniper rifles (all types) have a more variable damage value;
Vehicle HP & armour types changed to match those in the Tabletop game (Since when the hell did
Killa kans have tough armour? Changed Killa Kan's armour type to vehicle_low);
Lascannons have a slower rate of fire, but are more powerful;
To prevent being quickly destroyed by the indirect fire of Defilers, the Battlecannon is
now a non-indirect firing weapon. The indirect fire capability is now an upgrade which
requires the Chaos Daemon pit to obtain.
The Wraithlord's undergone a few changes - experimental. Due to the sheer power of them, the
Wraithlord stone add-on for the support portal requires 'Mobilise for war' research to be researched;
FX for Eldar shuriken weaponry modified, & they now have very small blast radiu's to show the spread
of the weapons;
A few more minor changes that haven't been listed...

Space Marines Armoury mod units added & tweaked (many thanks to Compiler, Goldo, Thudmeizer
& anyone else involved in the mod);
To prevent prevent a premature death thanks to Chaos Predator rushes, Predators now require the
Unholy Monastery HQ upgrade to be built;
Imperial guard regimental command HQ upgrade now really does have an increased sight radius
instead of having it decreased!
Ork Armoured Nob squad size changed to 5 - 10.
Ork Armoured Nobz requre the power klaw research to be produced, to prevent easy Orky victories.
The Vindicator is, well, something to be feared, really;
Melta bombs & Tankbusta bombs should now have half a chance of slowing movement and/or disabling
combat for a few seconds (untested);
Haywire bombs should do the same, only that it has a 100% chance of causing these effects;
A few more minor changes that haven't been listed...


Grenade launchers have frag profile;
Set-up time for Battlecannons removed;
A few more minor changes that haven't been listed...

1.2b (public release):
Imperial guard Full scale war research has been cheapened & time-cut much due to being over-run by
other armies too quickly;
Guard now start with a Kasrkin squad in multiplayer games for balancing issues;
Missle launcher turret add-on no longer mkes most of the map visible, The upgrades of the HQ
building do that instead;
Skimmers even faster!;
Bloodthirster is now actually cheapened (research, it seems);
Bloodthirster has a horrifyingly high regeneration rate of 56HP a second when fighting in combat;
Whirlwinds have a max. 3 cap too;
Land Raider's cap is back to one;
Artillery weapons have been strengthened yet again;
Hellfire dreadnought's missile launcher has now got a frag profile (anti-infantry, as described in
Dawn of war);
Morale damages of shooting weapons have been matched with the improved damage values, melee comes later;
Researches that lead to super units have had their research times halved (gain access quicker);
As a compromise to the long production times of slugga boyz (10 per squad minimum), Orks in multiplayer
now start with a shoota boy squad to give them that little edge;
Most special abilities (including grenades & teleporting) have had their recharge times reduced
dramatically to be more useful (Warp spiders are now a real fear!);
A few more minor changes that haven't been listed...


Ork Close combat Boyz & nobs even cheaper;
Most Ork buildings are cheaper to build;
Weaker close combat weapons have been strengthened, especially Orks;
A few more minor changes that haven't been listed...


most Close Combat infantry (soldiers) have been cheapened (especially Ork stuff) for balancing;
Imperial guard & Kasrkin squads are cheaper to produce (still 2 squad cap though);
Ork Vehicles (apart from Looted tanks) have been cheapened & take up less support cap;
Baneblade & most other tanks are more expensive to produce;
A few more minor changes that haven't been listed...
Bloodthirster, Avatar & Squiggoth are much cheaper & quicker to produce, also have HP improvements;
Most shooty vehicles are more expensive & take up more Support cap to avoid 'vehicle massacre forces';
Bloodthirster has a triples jump distance & is faster when doing so;
Avatar is slightly faster;
Wraithlords are very tough, like in the tabletop;
Defilers, Fire Prisms & Leman russes (all sorts) have max 3 caps;
" weapons have had increased power values as a result to being capped;
Land Raider's max cap is 2 instead of 1;
Baneblade takes much longer to build;
A few more minor changes that haven't been listed...


Sight values modified to suit weapon rages, for most units that need the sight improvements;
Rate of fire (damage adjusted to keep in sync.) of: Shootas; Big Shootas; Flamers (damage not adjusted
as they've been underpowered); Shuriken weapons & The mighty Inferno cannon!
Scare away your opponent's troops with these weapons!
Winter Assault Campaign is enabled for use (2 errors however, In Order campaign, the Bloodthirster
that appears at the end of mission 2 dies early due to gunfire. Skip this scene.
Start of mission 2, Disorder - Warboss can be killed early & mess up the game, so keep the troops
away from the Orks & let the Boss blab on about his shield).


Basilisk's AP has been 'sorted out;'
Wraithlord has heavy_med infantry armour (again, to be more like the tabletop rules);
Squiggoth's armour has been changed again to High infantry armour;
Skimmers & wheeled vehicles have more & quicker jumps (skimmers), & are generally
Falcon & Fire prism have compromised & similar HP values to each other;
A few more minor changes that haven't been listed...


Armour penetration values have been 'de-stupified' for certain weapons (in particular - Space Marine
bolter types);
Bloodthirster HP increased;
Avatar HP decreased;
The Bloodthirster is slightly more powerful in close combat;
All Eldar warlocks have less HP but now own Commander armour;
Ork 'semi-leaders' (Nobs) have less HP, weaker armour but are now cheaper to produce);
Many anti-infantry weapons are now no longer 'all-purpose' weapons, as they've been weakened
against vehicles & buildings considerably;
Anti-armour & building weapons are now much more effective, so missile launchers can't be
easily replaced with assault cannons now!
Weapon ranges are now less unique & are more similar to those from the table-top rules, some
weapons that're supposed to be long ranged (e.g. - Sniper rifles, Battle cannons, etc.) have
had their ranges improved;
Original Battlecannon stats from Dawn of War are back (big blast radius!);
Rhinos (both armies) have more HP;
Squiggoth has slightly less HP & has medium monster armour (read the Gargantuan Squiggoth rules
in Imperial Armour update if you think this change doesn't fit the game);
Land Raider now has 6000HP instead of a horrific 10000HP;
Wraithlord now has 3950HP;
Whirlwind has much less than 5000HP, to 'fit it' to having a Rhino chassis!
A few more minor changes that haven't been listed...


Simply enough, extract (using WinRar or whatever expreacts .RAR files) TTRU_modxxx (x being version information) to your Dawn of War 'root' directory (e.g. - C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War).
Do the same with the .module file & then select it in the 'mod switcher' (or whatever) & play away.
Extract the Engine folder to the Root directory, but DON’T overwrite anything. There should only be 2 DDS files in the Engine folder in the Mod archive here.
These are the files that’re supposed to be unzipped.
They are however, not essential for gameplay.

--Hitpoint-doubling script-

Since some players have been complaining that damage values are too high in the mod, a script has been made kindly by Incarnate for this mod.
It doubles the HP of all units & buildings, making everything generally harder to destroy. The script can be triggered in the Objectives customization menu when setting up a skirmish game.

--Bugs & Crashes--

Most have been fixed now, including the one that caused the game to crash randomly. This was caused by a fault with the ability.nil file, which also lead to certain abilities back-firing on the user & destroying them too.
However, not all have probably been found & solved, though most are now done with. I am the only coder on this mod after all.

If you identify anything, then please join our forums (look a little lower in this document) & tell us.

Bugs that still exist in the mod are as follows:

The HP modifier has been known to cause SCAR errors before;
The Eldar Nightspinner tank’s vertical aiming is a bit ‘off;’
The Nightspinner’s projectiles don’t always display for some reason;
The Khorne Bloodletter’s animations are slightly weird (my 1st attempt at genuine infantry you see);
The Supression force of 3 whirlwinds & a land speeder squad requires a triangular formation;
The Dreadnought's inferno cannon (I decided not to take this weapon away in the end) has a bug with the beam FX.

Also, some of the UI icons display as pink boxes. Most of the causes are known, but some aren’t.
The unknown causes so far are for the attached Krootox & The Ard boyz (when upgraded).

Sorry, I just wanted to make myself clear on that in case such an unfortunate co-incidence occurs. That shouldn’t happen anyways.


I don't intend to damage or harm any computer out there with this mod. It may seem strange, but I
just want to include this here in case there is anyone who's extra cautious. Software (as far
as I know, apart from overclocking apparatus) very rarely harms your computer, & never have I
heard of a mod doing serious damage. I assure you that this mod contains no viruses, spyware or
(what I'd consider as) any horrifying trash. So, there you are. Phew!

I also don't want anyone to copy any files from this mod without permission. If you wish to use any
files from this mod, then please e-mail me at: edmund DOT duesbury AT [spam-is-crap] lycos DOT co DOT uk.

--Our forums-

If you think you can aid this mod’s cause, or just wanna join us & chat, then please visit:

--The team-

Zany Reaper - Leader, animator, coder, founder of this mod & a few more things!
Wackymodder - Co-leader of this mod & messager;
Xamon - alternate animator/conversion modeler (prefers infantry);
Carcharodon - Team colour expert & superior texture artist;
Thudmeizer - 'our' AI coder at current;
Our beta-testers;
Anyone else who I unfortunately forgot to mention (sorry any of you).

--Thanks to the remaining primary beta testers--


Thudmeizer also gets a special mention for being by far the most competent beta tester out of the lot. Many thanks
to him, in addition to customizing the AI for TTRU too.

--Thanks & Ending--

This mod was inspired by DJ_Oggy's 'Total Masacree' mod, which I enjoyed much, even though it's very old
& is discontinued. It was a bit unsavoury, having wildly increased pop caps & such, but still, it was a
a great yet quite a simple mod.

I'd like to give thanks to the following:

Riker2800 from DOWXP, for being very helpful in speeding up the model conversion process;
Them_Apples & Skills for giving me ‘some of’ the animations & the model for the Battlefortress;
Havoc - for a bunch of models listed in the change log (C2C);
MaestroRobertus - for some of his Steel Legion Xenos units;
Wackymodder (AKA Kou Uraki), BladeDragon & badgernun, for allowing the merging of the
Fatality & Left-out units mods to form this new one;
Winterdyne, for the Warhound Model & textures;
Medes, & anyone else involved in the making of the Closer-to-codex mod & codex units, for 'allowing me' to
use ‘some’ of their files;
Adrian Smith, for asking the Closer-to-codex guys for usage of their files (above);
Compiler, & anyone else involved with the making of the Space Marines Armoury mod 2.1, for
allowing me to use their files;
Catwell - for allowing me to modify his Scorpion chassis & texture, &
Compiler (again), for sorting out some of the major screw-ups made with the Scorpion;
Thudmeizer - for much appreciated help with the mod’s AI system (Skirmish AI 2.3);
Some of the DOW:Pro folk for the (old) Heavy Weapons team;
Mlai & Havoc - for allowing me to use the Necron extra units & coding files (for the Winter Assault versions);
Alan Mace - for the Necron Destroyer Models & textures;
Carcharodon - for re-texturing the Scorpion grav tank a bit, & making its team-colourability better (in addition to making some more
of the new units team-colourable);
Buster_Wounds - for The Map ‘City of Titanic Tales.’ AKA Magna-Imperialis (titan map);
Cuttershane - for making the fall-back mod;
Tempest (ex-DOW files staff) - for re-doing the now MUCH better voices for the Shadowsword;
Neverhoodian - for re-doing the Battle Fortress, Battle Wagon & Gunwagon speech files, as well as providing the all new Kustim Stompa voice, some imperial guard voice sets, & 'Ard boy voices too;
Promythyus (& whoever else made them) for the terminator sergeant & cyclone terminator source files;
Kueara - for the original Codex Falcon grav tank model;
Qwertypp7 (Chris Leigh) for making some of the speech files;
Knight of Ni (aka Chris H.) for the original Battle Fortress speech files (which I unintentionally lowered in quality);
Megazogg - for making a shiny specular map for the Mounted Great Knarloc’s bolt thrower;
Morkai Iron Wolf (aka Aaron Smith) for the Gauss Defence turret model, & a small portion of the texture (despite having to practically babysit him!);
Iamaplayer - for a few model conversions I could not have gained access to otherwise;
Hangar-8 - For the Camo & Badge texture patch for Tau;
Octopus Rex - for a cool coding weapon discovery, & also helping out a little with the taskbar settings;
WVA Sniper - for the Chaos Land raider specular map textures;
The folks at THQ & Relic, for making this great game in the 1st place & releasing the mod tools to
make this mod (& the others out there) possible;
Venerabledread - for helping out a bit with the Medic texture's colourability;
Flip Hazard - for allowing us to include the map 'Aridus prime' in the map selection;
BCA Master Z - for allowing us to include the map 'City of Artrabis' in the map selection;
Evil-Termite - for the customisable badges on certain necron units;
TheBeastWithin - for asking permission for me on the Necron badge pack;
DorkDav - for a fairly large interview about the modification on the relic forums;, for rating the game (is this necessary?);
DivX, for the video formats for the videos in Dawn of war & Winter Assault;
Warkirby - for a bit of diplomacy;
The Relicnews boards, for a little bit of help from the community there;
DJ_Oggy, for the 'Total_Masacree' mod (sorry DJ, it's correctly spelt 'Total Massacre');
Everyone who made (however simple it was) a mod for this game;
& all of you who enjoys this!

No Thanks to:

The bugs in the mod that made it less enjoyable;
All the highly prejudiced people & bullies in the world for being very stupid;
Chavs (apart from the ones that aren't that bad) for putting a strain on society.


This modification is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.

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Zany Reaper

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