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Dawn of Steel - Steel Legion Mod DC v1.0
For further information about the mod please check this thread...

This is the release version of the mod featuring the Imperial Guard regiment of Armageddon called 'The Steel Legion'. This is entirely

new content from scratch, not to be mistaken as an mod for Relics Imperial guard.
Playing the game - Start up Dark Crusade, Select Steel Legion from the Mod manager.

Notable Features:

- Diverse new race including over 30 units and 9 buildings.
- All units are army paintable.
- Many upgrades for units.
- Most units have a random displayed look.
- New scale for tank units, to be more equal to tabletop.
- Extended AI that let's you play against steel legion.

New Features specific to DC:

- Pick between 2 unique doctrines Mechanised Infantry and Armoured Company from the HQ building.
- New tanks.
- New upgrades
- New FX, new fixes, Sounds, etc.


- Original Dawn of War : Dark Crusade game made by Relic and distributed by THQ.
- Dark Crusade patch 1.2.

Credits -

Developer Team - DC Version

Production / Head: Maestrorobertus

Coding / Design: Shingouki

Interface Design and FX: Jok, RedG, Shingouki.

New Unit Models / Textures : Maestrorobertus / Jok

New Unit Anims : Shingouki

New Building Anims / FX : Compiler

Additional Voices : Mel Danes, Mr Heiney

AI: Thudmeizer and his team: Larkin, Flenser and Corsix

Laziest Member award = Jok, Shingouki tied for 1st place.

Most Vacations taken = Maestrorobertus.

Please check WA / DoW credits for all the people who worked hard to make that version possible.

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