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Infantry Only mod v1.1

In short, i have fixed most "if not all?" common problems and errors that occured on this mod, aswell as added a few more things, as below.

All factions no longer start off with 40 squad cap, you have to get that the old way
"Build waaagh banners, research, listening posts etc"

Webway gates, Infantry commands, Path of enlightenment"tau", WAAAGH!! banners, Obelisks"Necrons" and Squad Cap research have had their Increase in cap boosted

Fixed the problem with the Imperial Guard Plasma generator
Fixed the problem not able to tech advance with the Imperial Guard
"Mechanized command now not required to upgrade HQ"
The necron Greater summoning core now serves as a Squad cap increase by 3 per building
AI is no longer able to build any Vehicle structures

Works very well in both Skirmish and Campaign
Aswell in Multiplayer if both players has the same mod installed

AI responds to this mod very well, personally i think it's a really fun challange in Skirmish ;P


Lak35Okla aka BloodWolf

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