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3rd Legion Noir: FireStormers Chapter {Beta}

in Pack: 4 colorschemes,3 badges,4 banners,readme.txt,about emblem.txt and screenshots.txt

installing: export badges in dow:dc folder badges
export banners in dow:dc folder banners

export colorschemes in dow:dc folder profile/profile1/schemes

By: <3rdln>Blackwolf


By:Xstatic <1 badge and banner of the group> Special Thanks to Xstatic for banner.tga and badge.tga looks awsome>


This is a Chapter I made for the Table top game. Later into DOW and DOW:DC.. I had trouble putting in the badges and banners and I would like to thank Xstatic for he was one of the men who helped me with understanding how to put them in.And who also made the files Badge.tga and banner.tga in this pack.. the others I did. For somereason I had to flip and mirror them to get them right in DOW and DOW:DC.If you have any trouble with the badges and banners I made Please email me. I will be making more and updating them in the future.. Enjoy!!!!

If you have ANy Ideas let me know aswell!!!


All done by me.all companies of the 3rdln Have different colors because they have different roles in the chapter. The history of the Chapter is quit long and where the geneseed came from.for the colors I used the mix of the dow armypainter{regular} and paintshop pro to make some intresting colors like bronze gold
and red/brown for the 3rd company.

If you have Any Ideas let me know aswell!!!

Thank you


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