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IMPORTANT:I am not the one who made this mod.Please give credits to:

Thanks to:
Fried P

Special Thanks to:
Off course, KRMZ works with a enthousiastic team:

Kanjinan: Graphics
Scyd: 3D Human models
Mevio: 3D new buidings
Falk: 3D new vehicules
Friedric P: 3D new units, mod custom maps
Goldo_O: 3D new units
Maalka: mod custom maps
Inoceram: story, graphics, moderator
Bester ORbit: testing, details
This is the beta of The Witch Hunters Mod.
It adds a fully playable race to Dark Crusade(Adepta Sororitas)
To install just extract and then run the .exe.
For your support please visit this thread:

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