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Welcome to Cubewars 2.0!

Cubewars is a total conversion mod for Dawn of War:Dark Crusade in which you control but one cube in a desperate fight against one (or more) other cube(s).

Anyway, you're a cube, they're a cube and you're both in a world of cubes. You have 1 hitpoint and an infinite supply of grenades. If you stay still for too long then you will be pinged, but apart from this you will never show up on the minimap. If you get hit you will lose a life, of which you have a supply of 3, and the last cube standing wins!


**INCOMING** We have heard strange reports of a new force to rival the great Cube Empire. This is as yet unconfirmed, but keep an eye out for anything strange.**OUTCOMING**

To play, put the .module and the cubewar folder in your dark crusade root directory (the folder that contains the darkcrusade.exe). From here launch dark crusade and in the game manager select cubewars.

Next load the either of the cubewars maps; there is "cubewars" for 2 player jaunts or "cube wars multi" for multiplayer japery. Have cubewars as the only game condition, and play FFA. Teams will work, but the scores will look a bit funny.

My god...that's a lot of times to use the word cubewars...

PS- don't even bother against the knows everything...



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