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Tower Defence Mod 1.0 for Dark Crusade by Fuggles

Welcome to the tower defence mod for dark crusade!

Basically creeps enter the map at point 'A' with the intention of getting to point 'B'. You have to stop them using the medium of the turret. For every creep you kill you get money to build better or more turrets. For every creep that gets away, you lose a life.

I'm afraid that this is a bit of a token readme file to qualify for the .txt submission rules... there is a pdf manual included which I recommend that you read.

If you're too lazy to read the manual then things to note:
-Set the option to fixed starting positions or it will all go horribly wrong
-Only save mid-wave or it will SCAR error - no creeps, no save.

Anyway, hope you have fun.

To install put both folders and the module into your Dawn of war - Dark Crusade folder



Mod contains:

2 Player map
1 Player map
5 types of creep wave - speedy, normal, flying, boss and zombie
9 types of turret

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