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Author: leeho730

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Dawn of War DC Tactics Mod (formerly Dowtactics)

For: Dark Crusade 1.2 + Dawn of Skirmish DC 2.5.

Version: 1.2


This mod will add Heroes and Auto-ability mod for ALL single player campaign missions.

This mod is based on Heroes 2.4 for Dark Crusade, originally developed by Cuttershane and updated by etherdragn and Phelan76, and Autoability mod, developed by Cuttershane.


1. If you have not already done so, please install Dawn of Skirmish DC 2.5.
For your convenience the installation file (Dawn_Of_Skirmish_v2.50_DC_AI_Mod_Install.exe) is included in the zip file.

2. Extract to your DC main folder and then choose 'DC tactics' in Game Mananger.

3. start a new single player campaign and enjoy!

Savegames from 1.1 and 1.0 are compatible as long as they are campaign savefiles.


1. Used 'Autoabilities.scar' mod instead of 'Tacs.scar.' This should allow users to save and load savegames properly. Gone are the fallback mod and ability to tune various in-game mechanics, but I assume not many people would miss it....

2. Prevented Necron scarab squad from gaining experience.


1. Morriah Coast map for Official Kronus Campaign should now work properly.

2. Fire Warrior (Sha'sui) bodyguard and Eldar Exarchs now gain experience.

3. Removed Tau harbingber drone from experience list.

4. Optimized auto-ability feature and included honour guards' abilities.

5. Disabled support feature (targetting of artilleries from DC engine is quite good... why should we need mod for that?)

6. Bug fixes and various modifications as discussed in DOW official forum. For complete list, please refer to the changelog.
For those who do not wish to use this feature, please delete 'attrib' folder under 'dowtacticsdata' folder.


NOTE: Although I have tried my best to avoid modifying as much as possible to satisfy those purists (I'm one of them), I have included some modifications as well as bugfixes.
For those who do not wish to use this feature, please delete 'attrib' folder under 'dowtacticsdata' folder.

1. Bugfix: SM honour guard Librian now has a proper HP.

2. Bugfix: SM Chaplain (both normal and honour guard) now has a proper weapon, and is upgraded via research like force commander and librarian.

3. Bugfix for various wargears (Ork Warboss bighorn and redgob, IG general powerfist, sash and greaves, Tau commander flamer).

4. Bugfix: Upgrading Necron monolith now properly gives HP bonus to Necron Lord, not the monolith.

5. Bugfix: restored icon for Chaos Detector.

6. Bugfix: Summoning Bloodthirster by sacrificing Chaos Sorcerer now does splash damage.

7. Bugfix: Necron Pariah now has proper selection sounds

8. Bugfix: fixed Chaos 'purge the weak' and Ork 'speed boost' upgrades.

9. Modifications: Restored HP and weapon range bonus for IG Listening Post upgrade 2.

10. Modifications: Tau Krootox, Kroot Hounds, and Greater Knarloc now regenerate HP.

11. Modifications: Eldar grav platforms can be repaired, can be attached to the squad (like in Winter Assault), and can benefit from cover.

12. Modifications: SM mine fields now have sight range of 5, same as other races.

13. Modifications: Tau Shield drone (fire warrior/commander) now has proper armour rating

14. Modifications: Tau Firewarrior squad now benefit from having more than one leader of same type.

Thudo et al. for the great Dawn Of Skirmish DC mod and allowing me to use his Hero mod.
etherdragn and Phelan76 for Heroes 2.4 mod and for allowing me to use his Tactics mod.
etherdragn for dowkingdom mod.
Corsix et al. for their wonderful Mod Studio.

I'm not responsible for any damage caused by this mod :-)
You're more than welcome to modify the mod.... a credit to me would be nice ;-)
For any questions, my email address is

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