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Author: Fuggles

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Hi and welcome to the Forestry Simulator for Dawn of War : Dark Crusade. The idea of a forestry simulator as being Relic's next project has been around for many years now, so I thought I'd make an element of it come true.

To Play:

Unpack the .module and the folder in this zip file into the dark crusade root folder (where the darkcrusade.exe is found).

In the Dark Crusade main menu, load up the Forestry Simulator from the game manager.

Load up the Forestry Simulator map from skirmish. You should have the game set to FFA teams and have positions as fixed and Forestry Simulator as the sole game rule/condition - ANY OTHER SETUP WILL NOT PROVIDE THE INTENDED EXPERIENCE.

Plant a tree by picking one from your build menu. As long as you have enough seeds (as shown by the ork pop) you will plant the tree.

If you have any water left in your canteen (as shown by the amount of power you have) you can pour it on the ground. If any trees are nearby this will encourage them to expand.

If you want to buy anything you will need wood (as shown by the amount of req that you have). Wood comes from chopped down trees.

To get more seeds you will need to hang about trees. The more trees you have the higher the chance of finding seeds.

I hope you enjoy it!



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