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DAWN OF WAR ~ Dark Crusade

New Annihilate wincondition

by euren feurcloe

june 21st 2008

here's the same annihilate wincondition modified.

instead of only destroying unit - producing

buildings to win, you must destroy (a n y)

building, including listening posts to win.

just unzip the annihilate.scar file into

your dxp2/data/ directory, since the

directory held is just under this.

therefore, in order to w o r k,

it will look like b e l o w = =


once in the game (for skirmish/multiplayer)

just check the annihilate wincondition as

usual (looks the same), yet this will

not work correctly if multiplaying with

someone that doesn't also have the file.

i've only tested in "skirmish" mode

and it worked out each time, y e t

send anything to

and i'll readily answer y o u.

got the idea since i've always

hated how other buildings just

disappear when unit - producing

buildings are destroyed. and i'm

not sure why they did that way.

"weapons at ready, it is time"

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