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Author: Brute_Hawk

Readme File:
Installation: Extract the contents of "Project_badge" inside your badges directory (mine looks like this C:Program FilesTHQDawn of War - Dark CrusadeBadges) And then

Extract the contents of "Project_banner" inside your banners directory (mine looks like this C:Program FilesTHQDawn of War - Dark CrusadeBanners)

If you are a bigginner B&B downloader or do not have these folders, make them.
If you need advanced help feel free to PM me (Private Message)

Description: These are Badges and banners i made in theme of Umbrella Corperations many different Regiments from resident evil, arguabley the Best zombie movie franchise to exist (and create sucsessful games)
In case anybody was wondering, these are the Regiments mentioned of in the pack

S.T.A.R.S - Special Tactics and Rescue Squads. The resident evil version of SWAT. They are the elite law enforcment of Raccoon city

U.B.C.S - Umbrella Bio-hazard and Countermeasure Service. An umbrella Regiment that specializes in defense and setting up containment perimeters. Also covers transport and armed escorts etc.

U.R.C.D - Umbrella Rescue Containment and Destruction. ALso a regiment of Umbrella, Soldiers of tis company specialize in mowing down victims of the dreaded T-Virus and any other hazarduos outbreaks Umbrella may be responsible for.

Creditation & other legal stuff:
I was the only creator/developer/designer in this B&B pack So all credits must go to me.I copyright this idea of having badges and banners of Resident evil on Dawn of war from 23/10/2008 (as TheMonkeyOfDoom did not). Do not recreate or resubmit with the intention to redistibute as your work.

Other Notes:
I allow consent to private tweaking and modification and as always, i have included copies of all B&Bs featured in .jpeg format as a back up files if you wish to tweak them slightley.

the reasoning for UCR in front of everyting is to keep the files together inside your badge and banners folde. It is a good idea if you have around 100 B&B. removing the UCR. at the start of each file will not make it unusable.

Thanks for reading and i sincerely hope you enjoy my B&B, please leave a comment or rate.
For if i do not get feedback in any way shape or form how can i improve?

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